About Data Dynamics

Being dynamic and forward thinking about your data is critical more today than ever before. Data Dynamics was created with this vision in mind to assist small to medium companies to simply get things done, faster. Temporary projects, collaborative 3D renders, scientific computing, disease research, video encoding / transcoding, are all looking to be accomplished faster and with greater demands than ever before in today's fast-paced digital world. Let Data Dynamics assist your team in helping get done whatever needs to get done - faster. We admittantly, are still a small company, but that does not mean we have small goals. As our capability expands, we will continue to update the website and make resources available to our clients.

One may ask "Why Rent?". That is a very good question when computing power tends to increase over time and costs decline, making parts ever more affordable. Our approach to this question is simply for each company to evaluate their needs and to determine with us if a system provided for rent will help the company achieve their short or long-term goals. Data Dynamics wishes to be of service and "on-call" should a company's system fail and a suitable backup for use is needed immediately (same day / next day).

We are both a traditional asset rental company as well as a remote renter of computational power. Our Melchor themed 2011 system may be remote-rented and deployed however our mid-2019 Caselabs tower is for remote rental only due to the size, weight, and cost involved.

Above Architectural Concept by Santiago Calatrava, LLC. Modeling by Otie O'Daniel. Rendering by Data Dynamics LLC

Data Dynamics believes that computer rental should be easy, affordable, and not limited to those only with deep pockets. All companies have problems to solve, things to do, and jobs to get done. Data Dynamics was developed simply to assist in these matters utilizing high end components tweaked to give a competitive edge in the tasks at hand. For further review of the systems we offer, please visit the Systems Page of the website.

Finally, when you rent from Data Dynamics, you will receive professional service including system setup, teardown, and (if necessary) assisted deployment for your company's needs - all included at no cost. We provide in our system packages not only the computer itself but a high quality monitor, battery backup system, and a reliable method of transport to ease the load-in and load-out of the equipment. Please consult with us anytime to determine a configuration that will work best for your company and we will do our best to serve you to our maximum ability.

Data Dynamics is of course, an equal opportunity renter and will rent to any corporation, entity, for-profit or non-profit organization, educational organization, or charity, for any period of time as per the rental agreement. If you are an individual seeking rental of our systems, please contact us with details of your project. Data Dynamics reserves the right to refuse business to any client for any reason. Data Dynamics will not transport equipment to a residential address. For further details, please see our rental agreement at the bottom of all pages of the website as well as our legal documentation. Data Dynamics serves the Southeast Michigan Area within a 60-mile radius of Novi, Michigan; including the regions of Detroit (both City and Metro), Lansing, Flint / Saginaw, and Toledo, OH. If your company is further than 60 miles away, it is up to the discretion of Data Dynamics to make a delivery and additional charges may apply. Data Dynamics does not ship equipment, nor will accept a return of equipment by shipping.

Newly introduced in 2012, Data Dynamics also now offers the traditional "Remote Rental" service like other server rental companies. We have chosen to keep things simple - no calculating credits or negotiating complicated fees with us! The price plan at Data Dynamics is easy: $0.12 cents per core, per hour. This equates to roughly a little over $2/hr and offers significant savings over the standard on-site rental. Since we handle the equipment on our end, the Security Deposit is also waived. If you simply wish to have us remotely render your file, that is easily done.

We are able to work with the following:

  • Autodesk 3ds Max / Mental Ray
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk AutoCAD / Revit
  • Google Sketchup / VRay
  • DAZ 3D / Blender v2.8x
  • Adobe Premiere / Cyberlink Suites

  • For a thorough comparison of what Data Dynamics has to offer, prospective clients may also review our Whitepapers, available here.