Repairing with Data Dynamics

Usually machines work great. But when they don't, clients come to us for helping diagnose and fix their ailing systems. Data Dynamics works with Windows and Macintosh desktops and laptops to help clients get back to working order. We can diagnose software and hardware issues using various tools and programs. We always take Client Data with the utmost security and ensure to back up and/or provide the Client with their data should a major system restor or reinstallation be necessary. Data Dynamics is up front about communicating timing and price changes should issues arise during extended repair or servicing. We do Virus and Trojan removal, hardware installation, software installation, system configuration, generalized troubleshooting, diagnostics, and more. We do not retain any charge for bringing in a machine for an initial diagnosis to explain symptoms.

Our regular repair rate is a flat $125/hr., however we understand that needs, requirements and the ease or difficulty of every job is unique. Therefore, we kindly ask for you to give us a call so tha we can better evaluate your needs, estimated time, and overall ease of repair in question. If there is something that is beyond our skill level or we simply can not do, we will be up front in letting you know so as to keep time wasted to a minimum. Data Dynamics will try to also assist the Client with finding another suitable company should this issue arise. Thank you for considering Data Dynamics for your system repair needs!

For a thorough comparison of what Data Dynamics has to offer, prospective clients may also review our Whitepapers, available here.

For system repair inquiries, please contact us via phone or email.